Sunday, April 10, 2005

Things that aren't in the film

Things that aren't in the film of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

This is appalling!

Also Zaphod has 1 head and 2 arms. How wrong. I had put faith in this film and am now deeply disapointed.


At 9:40 am, Anonymous Anna said...


At 9:50 am, Anonymous From /. said...

"Really bad"
"vastly, staggeringly, jaw-droppingly bad"
"bad on a big scale"
"bad on a small scale"
"staggeringly unfunny"
"unfunny, pointless crap"
"an abomination"
"amazingly, mindbogglingly awful"
"a terrible, terrible film"

(And that's from the short review)

At 1:06 pm, Anonymous gimpy mumpy said...

I refuse to watch the film for these reasons. If they can't take a series that is absolutely perfect with thorough descriptions and great dialogue and be true to the book, then I don't want to waste my money.
A shame though, early on I had been so excited for this film.

At 12:23 am, Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Oh the horror! I finally broke down and watched the film on DVD. I have two words for yah: teh sux0rs!
Wish I hadn't watched it. The books are sooooo great, how could they get the film sooooo wrong?


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