Saturday, April 30, 2005

There's hope for me yet! - Claudius I (10 BC - AD 54; Roman emperor AD 41 - 54)

BBC - History - Claudius I (10 BC - AD 54; Roman emperor AD 41 - 54)

"But in spite of these connections he was never seen as a possible future emperor, because he suffered from severe physical disabilities, including a limp and a speech impediment (he may have suffered from cerebral palsy). Augustus and Tiberius hid him from public view, and Gaius mocked him - he spent his time studying history. But it was this apparent unsuitability for the principate that ensured his survival."

Friday, April 15, 2005

Paper CD case

It make origami CD cases you can print out.

Even if you don't make a printed one, the instructions are good enough to just fold A4 into a CD case. Which is good, because I've run out of plastic ones and I keep making more Knoppix CDs.

Monday, April 11, 2005

QI - Quite Interesting

QI - Quite Interesting

(The only way to describe this site)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Things that aren't in the film

Things that aren't in the film of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

This is appalling!

Also Zaphod has 1 head and 2 arms. How wrong. I had put faith in this film and am now deeply disapointed.

Slashdot | Hitchhiker's Movie is Bad says Adams Biographer

Slashdot | Hitchhiker's Movie is Bad says Adams Biographer

Hitchhiker's Movie is Bad says Adams Biographer
Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday April 10, @03:45PM
from the breaking-my-heart dept.
Rollerbob writes "MJ Simpson, who has 'been studying and documenting the life and career of Douglas Adams for more than 20 years', has written a very in-depth review and plot analysis of the Hitchhiker's movie. As well as the full review that contains SPOILERS , he has also published a shortened spoiler-free version, as well as a list of things from the radio plays, records, books and TV series that have not been included in the movie. Hitchhiker's fans, prepare to be like Marvin... very depressed."

Friday, April 08, 2005

Slashdot | D&D Blamed For Stabbing Deaths

Slashdot | D&D Blamed For Stabbing Deaths

D&D Blamed For Stabbing Deaths

Posted by Zonk on Tuesday March 29, @07:58AM
from the excellent-detective-work dept.
Grymalkin writes "A man is in custody for allegedly stabbing 3 people to death in King of Prussia, PA last week. Now it appears that the district attorney believes there may be a link between the murders and the Dungeons and Dragons RPG. From the article: 'I mean, you have many, many stab wounds and those 'Dungeons and Dragons' fantasy games involve swords and knives and daggers and things of that nature. There may be a connection but I can't say for sure.'" Wow. There are a lot more D&D players than I thought there were, what with all the stabbings and all.

Things to make and do.

Things to make and do.

Occasionally you do find a gem of a site.

All too quiet

You know, what would be really nice would be to find some comments here!

Slashdot | Indian Call Center Employees Hack US Bank Accounts

Slashdot | Indian Call Center Employees Hack US Bank Accounts

Indian Call Center Employees Hack US Bank Accounts
The Almighty Buck
Posted by CowboyNeal on Friday April 08, @09:49AM
from the easy-money dept.
The Ascended One writes "Call center employees working for an Indian software company, MSource, supposedly used confidential client information to transfer client funds to themselves. The alleged perpetrators used the personal information of four NY-based clients to transfer ~$350,000 (Rs. 1.5 crores) in their names, a large sum in Indian currency. They were caught after the victims alerted the bank officials in the US, who then traced the crime to the Indian city of Pune. While the name of the bank has not been revealed, the article indicates that the bank in question is Citibank."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Johnny Hollow

Johnny Hollow

More eerie stuff. I do like this music...

My Pet Skeleton

My Pet Skeleton

This is rather good. be patient

MSN Hotmail - Inbox

MSN Hotmail - Inbox

Flash » The Llama Song

Flash » The Llama Song

My god this is so cool.

Blame BCMM

DNS Cache Poisoning Spreads Malware

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Wheelchair BMXing - must see!


Hi there, mike here.

Here's an interesting feature by showing a shot-to-panel comparison of the Sin City film and the original comic book. Sin City is looking to be a great film, I hope to see it when it comes out here.

Check it out, it's amazing how close some of the shots are!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005



Behind the Name: Luke

Gender: Masculine
Usage: English, Biblical
Pronounced: LOOK [key]
Extra Info: Popularity, Related Names, Namesakes, Websites
Options: Contribute Information
From the Greek name Loukas which meant "from Lucania". Lucania was a region in Italy. Saint Luke, the author of the third Gospel and Acts in the New Testament, was a doctor who travelled in the company of Saint Paul.


Happy Now?

Monday, April 04, 2005


Rather Scary

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01


explodingdog 2005

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age

At age 16:

Albert Einstein wrote an essay containing the beginnings of the special theory of relativity. In it, Einstein showed that time and motion are relative to the observer.

American sharpshooter Annie ("Annie Get Your Gun") Oakley challenged and defeated the well-known marksman Frank Butler, whom she later married. She could hit a dime in mid-air from 90 feet.

Legendary womanizer and adventurer Casanova was expelled from a seminary for moral misconduct.

Cuban revolutionary Jose Marti had his first arrest and exile.

George McFarland ("Spanky" in the Our Gang series) retired from the movies and spent the rest of his life doing sales and charity work.

Sir Henry Morton Stanley ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume?") sailed for New Orleans as a cabin boy.

Cornelius Vanderbilt began a ferry service between New York City and Staten Island.

Tennis player Tracy Austin became the youngest person to win the U.S. Open.

Guitar player and songwriter Maybelle Carter invented the 'Carter lick,' which used the thumb to play melody and changed the role of the guitar in country music to that of a lead instrument.

American poet and journalist William Cullen Bryant wrote the first draft of his most famous poem, Thanatopsis.

American film director Howard Hawks became a professional car and airplane racer.

Patrick Taylor left home in Beaumont, Texas with only a suitcase full of clothes, 35 cents and the desire to attend college. Evenually he earned a petroleum engineering degree and became one of the richest men in Louisiana.

Slashdot | Car Powered by Compressed Air

Car Powered by Compressed Air
Posted by timothy on Monday April 04, @07:50AM
from the switched-from-suck-to-blow dept.
gripperzipper writes "CNN reports that a Korean company created a small car powered by compressed air. ENERGINE created its PHEV, or Pneumatic-Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which uses a two-stroke compressed air engine for start, acceleration, and uphill climbs. The car switches to an electric motor when its speed reaches 20-25 km/h (32-40 mi/h). Although major auto manufacturers have invested heavily in gasoline hybrids, it will be interesting to see if a market will open for this type of vehicle."Update: 04/04 17:18 GMT by T: Reader Tapsu spotted the incongruity here, writing "Interesting post, but the speed conversion has gone wrong way: "20-25 km/h (32-40 mi/h)". ... Thus the correct speed range in miles would be something like 12-15 mi/h."

Slashdot | Black Holes 'Do Not Exist,' Contends Physicist

Black Holes 'Do Not Exist,' Contends Physicist
Posted by Hemos on Monday April 04, @01:02PM
from the it's-all-high-math-to-me dept.
SpaceAdmiral writes "Nature reports that, according to a physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, 'It's a near certainty that black holes don't exist.' George Chapline argues that the collapse of massive stars is more likely to lead to dark energy stars. These dark energy stars behave somewhat like a black hole outside of the surface, but the negative gravity inside could cause matter to 'bounce back out again.'"